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China (Mainland)
Since 2011-03
Address:Xing Hua Street,Jizhou city Hebei Province,China
Contact Person:Mrs.Mr Chen

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FRP vertical tank, FRP vetical vessel

Min Order Quantity:1 Set/Sets
FOB Price:1-9999(USD) per Set
Port :Xingang
Payment Terms :T/T
Production Capacity :80000/Ton/Tons per Year
Delivery Time :depends on order quantity
Packaging Details :in standard packages or in container

FRP vertical vessel, FRP vertical tank

Jizhou Zhongyi FRP Co., Ltd mainly make FRP & GRP tanks &vessels. We do FRP products since 1986.

If you are intersted in FRP Vertical Tank , FRP vertical vessel, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Information:
Email: zyfrpchina at 163.com
Sales: 0086-13473818388

Jizhou Zhongyi FRP Co., Ltd introduced the micro controlled winding production line, trademark and techniques from the Italian VETRORESINA company in 1986, and became the first professional factory in China which can manufacture the FRP products, such as fiber winding tank, pipeline, towers etc. Zhongyi FRP Factory got authentication by means of the ISO9001 international quality system in 1997 and acquired the quantity authentication certifications of 6 countries such as Switzerland, France, the United States, Holland, Germany and China. The FRP pipeline acquired the quantity authentication of Norway Ship Agency in 1998.
Main products:
1. DN15mm-4000mm pipeline, sand inclusion pipeline and pipe fittings.
2. DN<15000 container, tower and pressure vessel series.
3. DN<2800 FRP tank car used in railway and highway transporting (the hydrochloric acid tank car).
4. Circular type, square type, countercurrent and crosscurrent FRP cooling tower.
5. PVC-FRP、PP-FRP compound container, tower and pipeline.
6. FRP fan: centrifugal fan, roof fan, axial flow fan, oblique flow fan and funnel cap and so on.
7. FRP air conditioning series: inorganic wind pipeline, angle fittings, reducer and S type T-pieces and so on.
8. FRP gridding, sectional material, tables and chairs.
9. FRP flowerpot: occident series, China series and fountain series.
10. FRP cable bridge bracket: ZBQ-C slot type, ZBQ-T tray type, ZBQ-T stair-step type and large span cable bridge bracket, ZBQ accessories.
11. FRP water tank series.
12. Anticorrosive project: floor, groove and house and so on.
13. Micro controlled winding FRP container, pipeline, and tower series production line.
14. FRP well loop and cover.

Contact Details

Company Address: Xing Hua Street,Jizhou city Hebei Province,China
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip/Postal Code: 053200
Phone Number: 0086-18903182389
Fax Number: 0086-18903182389
Homepage: http://www.frpjz.com
Contact Person (Department): Mrs.Mr Chen