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Mang shi Ya Chen Trading Co., Ltd

LED,electronic product,toys

Mang shi Ya Chen Trading Co., Ltd
Address:No.67 kuoshi road,mangshi city,yunnan province.
Contact Person:Mr.Ying

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Mang shi ya chen Trading Co.,Ltd is a company engaged in LED products,electronic products,toys,handicrafts,daily necessitier,clothing,auto parts and other industries companies,our products have been sold in the Southeast Asian market,and a good reputation to be domestic and foreign customers The trust.At present the company's growing trade scale,has been carried out for the global business.In integrity management,efficient service on the basis of,we hope to provide you with the satisfaction of the product!
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Contact Details

Company Name: Mang shi Ya Chen Trading Co., Ltd
Company Address: No.67 kuoshi road,mangshi city,yunnan province.
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip/Postal Code: 678400
Phone Number: 86-0692-2118608
Fax Number: 86-0692-2118608
Homepage: http://www.yachenc.com
Contact Person (Department): Mr.Ying