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Type 49 Serious kinds of spices and condiment

Min Order Quantity:18 Ton/Tons
FOB Price:3000-10000(USD) per Ton
Port :Qingdao
Payment Terms :L/C,T/T

Type 49 Serious kinds of spices and condiment

English name (Art.No)   English name (Art.No)
  Greater Galanga XHS-20
Pod Pepper XHL-01 Perrillaseed XHS-21
Yidu Chilli XHL-02 Nutmeg XHS-22
Rice Chilli XHL-03 Amomum Globosum Loureiro XHS-23
Rod Chilli XHL-04 White Cardamom XHS-24
Line Pepper XHL-05 Licorice XHS-25
Bullet Chilli XHL-06 Dill seed XHS-26
Sweet Pepper XHL-07 Horseradish XHS-27
Crushed Chilli with seed XHL-08 Rhizoma Kaempferiae XHS-28
Crushed Chilli without seed XHL-09 Amomum Tsao-ko XHS-29
Chilli Circle XHL-10 Amomum Fruit XHS-30
Chilli Cut XHL-11 Long Pepper XHS-31
Chilli Slice XHL-12 Coriander seed XHS-32
Sweet pepper seeds XHL-13 Radix angelicae XHS-33
Chilli Powder XHL-14 Chinese Wolfberry XHS-34
Sweet Pepper Powder XHL-15  
  Green Cardamom XHW-1
Black Pepper XHS-01 Fenugreek Seed XHW-2
White Pepper XHS-02 Bay leaf XHW-3
Star Anise XHS-03 Basil XHW-4
Wild Pepper XHS-04 Oregano XHW-5
Green Pepper XHS-05 Origanum Marjoram XHW-6
Red pepper XHS-06 Rosemary XHW-7
Dried Orange Peel XHS-07 Parsley XHW-8
Flavedo XHS-08 Thyme XHW-9
Turmeric Finger XHS-09 Sage XHW-10
Turmeric XHS-10 Marjoram XHW-11
Cassia Whole XHS-11 Olive XHW-12
Cinnamon XHS-12 Lculatae XHW-13
Cumin XHS-13 Peppermint XHW-14
Fennel XHS-14 Dill Grass XHW-15
Clove XHS-15 Lemon Peel XHW-16
Yellow Mustard XHS-16  
White Mustard XHS-17 Black Pepper(brokencoarse/medium/fine) XHP-1
Dried Ginger XHS-18 Black Pepper Powder XHP-2
Dried Ginger Slice XHS-19 White Pepper(brokencoarse/medium/fine) XHP-3

Contact Details

Company Name: Linyi Xinhu Import&Export Co.,Ltd
Company Address: Room 2415,No.1 Hongqi Road,Lanshan district,Linyi City,Shandong Province,China
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip/Postal Code: 276000
Phone Number: 0086-539-8288234
Fax Number: 0086-539-8288345
Homepage: http://www.xinhu-group.com
Contact Person (Department): Brank