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Pig Iron

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Pig Iron from over 240 Pig Iron manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, exporters and Pig Iron wholesalers from China and around the world.

Invar Alloy

Invar AlloyInvar alloy,Website:http://www.astrongmagnet.com,ASTM F1684,UNS k93600 (FeNi36),Chinese 4J36Usage: Grade 4J32 and 4J36 are suitable for environmental temperature, make d

Category : Pig Iron

Ceramvar Alloy

Ceramvar alloyPricision Alloy 4J33/4J34(YB/T5234-1993)*Ceramvar alloy,Website:http://www.astrongmagnet.com, ASTM F1466, (Fe-Ni27-Co25), Chinese 4J33/4J34Main application:Match with

Category : Pig Iron

Sintered AlNiCo Magnet

AlNiCo magnet is the earliest developed permanent magnet material in 1930s,Website:http://www.astrongmagnet.com, which is made of an alloy of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron and oth

Category : Pig Iron

Cast AlNiCo Magnet

AlNiCo magnet are a type of metal alloy,Website:http://www.astrongmagnet.com, which is derived from Aluminum, Nickel, Cobalt, Iron and a few other elements, such as: Copper, Titani

Category : Pig Iron

Injection Bonded SmCo Magnet

Injection Bonded SmCoInjection Bonded SmCo magnet is made by mixing the SmCo magnwetic powder with polymer plastics (such as: PA,Website:http://www.astrongmagnet.com, PPS, ect.), t

Category : Pig Iron

Pressing Bonded SmCo Magnet

Pressing Bonded SmCoPressing Bonded SmCo magnet is made by mixing the SmCo magnetic powder with polymer materials,Website:http://www.astrongmagnet.com, then through the mold to pre

Category : Pig Iron

Samarium Cobalt

Samarium CobaltSamarium Cobalt magnet is a high performance low temperature coefficient permanent magnet made of samarium and cobalt and other rare earth elements. The main advanta

Category : Pig Iron

FeCoMo Hysteresis Alloy

FeCoMo Hysteresis alloysThe advantage:With hysteresis characteristics well in high magnetic fieldsRepresentative Grade:2J21,Website:http://www.astrongmagnet.com, 2J23, 2J25, 2J27Ty

Category : Pig Iron

FeAl Soft Magnetic Alloy

FeAl soft magnetic alloyFeAl soft magnetic alloys ?1J6,Website:http://www.astrongmagnet.com, 1J12, 1J13, 1J161. Fe-Al alloys contain 6% to 16% aluminum , the rest elements is the i

Category : Pig Iron

FeNi Soft Magnetic Alloy

FeNi Soft Magnetic AlloyFeNi Soft Magnetic Alloy (GBn198-1988)Grade

Category : Pig Iron

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