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Machine Tools from over 925 Machine Tools manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, exporters and Machine Tools wholesalers from China and around the world.

S&A chiller CW-6200 with single pump & dual temperature for fiber laser cooling

S&A CW-6200AN250S01 single pump and dual temp. series is high-precision compression refrigeration water chiller,with intelligent temperature control,completed configuration, pe

Category : Other Machine Tools

S&A chiller for Rofin150W high powered diode laser system

S&A chiller CW-6100 is developed and produced by S&A supplier of China and fit for cooling Rofin 150W high powered diode laser system, it has 4.2KW cooling capacity, &plusm

Category : Other Machine Tools

S&A CNC router chiller with water filter installed and r410a refrigerant loaded

S&A water chiller CW-6000 has 3000W cooling capacity with ±0.5℃ stability, water filter installed and r410a refrigerant loaded, it is fit for CNC router. It has 2 tempe

Category : Other Machine Tools

S&A laser chiller CW-5200 with double input and output

S&A has a customer from Russia, specializing in the production of wooden giftware. Now they are planning to purchase laser cutting machine Rabbit HX-1290SG with laser tubes

Category : Other Machine Tools

S&A recirculating chiller for cooling 3W-5W UV laser

S&A recirculating chiller CW-5000 is often used of cooling 3W-5W UV laser in China. S&A CW-5000 compact chiller with long working life and simple operation has high pre

Category : Other Machine Tools

Diving valve test bench

Zhejiang YOUJI Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. valve testing valve test bench Suitable for small diameter flange, welding type, internal and external thread forged steel valve

Category : Other Machine Tools

Wire-line Diamond Impregnated Bit

Description CROWN PROFILES Extended channel flushing *Standard profile-general purpose design *Suit

Category : Drilling Machine

Single Tube Bit

CROWN PROFILES Extended channel flushing *Standard profile-general purpose design *Suitable for mixed formations containing broken and comp

Category : Drilling Machine

Diamond + PDC Reaming Shell

Diamond + PDC Reaming Shell Reaming shells are available for all types of core barrels and drill bits. The design is the result of many years of experience. Reaming shells impr

Category : Drilling Machine

Core PDC Bit

Core PDC Bit The polycrystalline diamond composite (PDC) core bits are designed for drilling in non-consolidated and medium-hard rock. They offer high penetration rates when th

Category : Drilling Machine

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