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Ceilings from over 279 Ceilings manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, exporters and Ceilings wholesalers from China and around the world.

C-shape Aluminum Ceiling

C-shape ceiling is oblong-shaped, flat and gaps are tiny and smooth. with high practice and great decoration performance, can achieve a variety of different specifications and comb

Category : Ceiling Tiles

Aluminum Grille Ceiling

The grille ceiling is composed of main keel and auxiliary keel with connection. It has good ventilation , superior fire resistance, easy installation, delicate structure and strong

Category : Ceiling Tiles

Blue Q235 Steel Storage Shelving And Racking Systems IP65 With 16X2 LCD Display

Blue Q235 Steel Storage Shelving And Racking Systems IP65 With 16X2 LCD Display Specifications: - - - - Shuttle performance | Full-load speed | 35 ~ 45 m/min. | Un

Category : Ceiling Tiles

Aluminum Foil Surfaced Sound Deadening Material For Home Water Proofing

Aluminum Foil Faced Sound Deadening Material With High Strength 2.0mm thickness (78mil) Butyl Rubber Specifications: - - - - Model | ZZ-06 | Alumnium Color : | Bl

Category : Ceiling Tiles

Vertical lifting type sectional overhead door 40mm thickness door panel

Germany forming production sectional overhead door 40mm thickness door panel Products: Durable and stable overhead sectional door, detailedspecification as below:

Category : Ceiling Tiles

Rock wool board

Cotton is a natural basalt as main raw material, after high temperature melting, centrifugal equipment made by the artificial inorganic fibers, while adding a special binder and du

Category : Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling aluminum veneer

contact information: +86-13911311906 +86-400-662-0258 +86-10-60500408 Micro signal:bj13911311906 QQ:435768305 Ceiling aluminum single plate mainly f

Category : Ceiling Grid Components

Aluminum grid cell ceiling

Material: Aluminum alloy Material thickness: standard δ 0.6mm Cells:10mm×48mm, 12mm×60mm, 15mm×80mm Surface coating: Electrostatic Aksu powder (impor

Category : Ceiling Grid Components

Aluminum round tube suspended ceiling

Material: 0.8-1.5mm aluminum alloy Surface coating: electrostatic powder coating, fluorine-carbon spray coating Perforation: available Color:RAL/PANTONE standard colors, or c

Category : Ceiling Tiles

Aluminum U shape baffle suspended ceiling

Material: 0.6~0.8mm aluminum alloy Surface Coating: pre-coated / electrostatic powder coating/ fluorine-carbon spray coating Perforation: N/A Color:RAL or PANTONE standard co

Category : Ceiling Tiles

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