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Beauty Equipment

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Beauty Equipment from over 362 Beauty Equipment manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, exporters and Beauty Equipment wholesalers from China and around the world.

Microwavable Hair Removal Stripless Hard Wax For Easy Waxking , Free Samples

100g Foil Wrap Cup Microwavable Hair Removal Hard Wax Stripless for Easy Waxking Products Features # -Ideal for sensitive skin and facial areas; # -Protects against irritat

Category : Tanning Bed

IPX7 waterproof new technology sonic electric toothbrush ultra soft toothbrush

IPX7 waterproof new technology sonic electric toothbrush ultra soft toothbrush Roaman sonic toothbrush ,even the deepest clean is gentle enough to protect your teeth and gums, can

Category : Oxygen Jet

PDO Thread for Skin Rejuvenation and Lift

Introduction of PDO thread MAGIK Lift Series are made of PDO (Polydioxanone), it is a thread with no cones, thus no damage to the tissue. This is the same thread used in

Category : Other Beauty Equipment

Best Effective Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Q-Switched Nd yag laser for tattoo removal -QL2 can clearly remove tattoos, pigmentation and carbon peel skin rejuvenation. The best tattoo removal laser is suitable for face, bo

Category : Laser Beauty Equipment

Beauty machine weight loss slimming lipo laser

Lipo laser adopts the newest technology of using diode laser 650 nm and 980 nm for the physical reduction of fat. Lipo laser machine is one of the most popular aesthetic device for

Category : Laser Beauty Equipment

High Quality Hyaluronic Acid Facial Injection

In general, when women gets into the age of 25, the hyaluronic acid in their skin will begin to lose, nearly half of the it will be lost at 30 years old, and only 25% of it can rem

Category : Other Beauty Equipment

808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Theory The diode laser system can emit laser light of 808nm wavelength. It can be absorbed by the melain located in the hair follicle, so as to destroy the follicle. The hair s

Category : IPL Machine

Top quality laser handpiece with 3pcs laser probe for tattoo/eyebrow removal

ND YAG Laser Handpiece with 3pcs laser probe for beauty machine The advantages of Nd Yag Handpiece with Q-Switch 1.Imported stone Q-switch cassette mechanism. 2. can

Category : Laser Beauty Equipment

Top quality IPL power supply for hair removal and skin rejuvenation with wholesale price

2000w IPL Power Supply for beauty facilities hair removal and skin rejuvenation Main Features: 1. Quick response speed and effect,high performance,large cutting powe

Category : IPL Machine

Great value Laser tattoo/eyebrow removal machine with wholesale price

Great value Laser tattoo/eyebrow removal machine with wholesale price Function: 1.Remove Pigmented nevus 2. Remove Skin Tag 3. Remove age pigment, coffee

Category : Laser Beauty Equipment

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