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China (Mainland)
Since 2017-06
Address:Binhai economic and technological development zone, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Contact Person:Jasmine Zhuang

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SS316L stainless steel TUL-20 rotary lobe pump for regulating syrup candy chocolate pharmacy

SS316L stainless steel TUL-20 lobe rotary pump for regulating syrup candy chocolate pharmacy Description Options 1.Mechanicalseal:SIC / SICE / EPDM,TC / TC, EPDM 2.Singleseal,DoubleMechanicalSeal 3.Rotors:2leaverotor,3leaverotors,Butterflyrotors,SingleButterflyrotors 4.Gasket:FPM(Viton),NBR,EPDM 5.Reliefvalveatfrontcoverrexternalbypass 6.Built-insafetyvalve 7.End-faceheatjacket 8.Completeheatjacket 9.VerticalTURSeriesorHorizontalTULSeries 10.DifferentDrivesandFixes 11.Assemblyonastainlesssteelbaseplate 12.Connection:Clamp(DIN32676,3A,ISO), Threaad(DIN,SMS,RJT,IDF), Buttweld,Flange 13.MotorTypeB5motorfrequency50HZ, 60HZ 14.Voltage(v)220-240, 360-400, 420-460, 630-690 Technical feature A .Maual Continuously Variable Transmission B. Frequency Cnverter adjust motor gear box C.Fixed speed output transmission Specifications - - - - ProductName: | TUL-20 Lobe rotary pump | Material: | SS304/SS316L/1.4301/1.4404 | SealMaterial: | SIC/SIC/EPDM(Standard,FDAapproval) | Max.Flow: | 62m3/h/395GPM | Max.pressure: | 12bar/174PSI | Max.rev: | 1450rmp | RotorType: | 2-leaves,3-leaves,butterfly,signalbutterfly | Installation | Could be installed with frequency converter | frequency converter | Optional | Mechanicalseal: | SIC/SiC/EPDM(Standard) | Voltage: | 110V,220V,380V | Motor: | ABB,SEW,50hz/60hz | Surfacetreatment: | InnerpolishedandSandblastoutside | Availablyconnection: | Clamp,ThreadButtweld,Flange | Availablystandard: | DIN,SMS,3A,RJT,ISO/IDF | Operated: | Electic | Certificate: | 3A/54-02(1580),PED/97/23/EC, FDA.177.2600,ISO9001/2008 | Applicationscope: | Dairy,food,beverage,pharmacy,cosmetic,etc | - - - - DesignandFeatures 1. HorizontalTUL, VetricalTUR 2. Bare-ShaftConsturction 3. HygienicDesignoftheattachementoftherotors 4. SanitaryMechanicalSeal,Easycleaningandmaintenace 5. AppliedtoCIPCleaningandsicSterlization 6.accordingtoUSA3AStandard Applications Thispumpisdealforthetransferofviscousaswellaslow-wiscousmediainthefoodprocessing,cosmeticsandpharmaceuticalIndustries. Principles 1. As the lobes rotates, the space on the suciton side increasese as one lobe is distanced from another, thus creating a partial vacuum which draws the fluid in to the pump chamber. 2. As they are rotated by the shafts,each lobe is consecutively filled and the fluid is displaced to the delivery side.The small gaps between the robes and between the lobes and the walls of the pump body ensure that the spaces are duly filled. 3. The pump housing is ompletely filled and the fluid escapes through the teeth of the lobes and is forced against the walls of the spaces. Which contributes to the pump aciton CompetitiveAdvantage DONJOY is the only company that pass nine series of products by American 3A certification organization in Asian sanitary pumps and valves field.

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Company Name: DONJOY TECHNOLOGY Company
Company Address: Binhai economic and technological development zone, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip/Postal Code: 325000
Phone Number: 86-577-85820678
Fax Number: 86-577-86998000
Homepage: http://www.donjoyvalves.com/
Contact Person (Department): Jasmine Zhuang