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Foot Operated Hydraulic Post Lift Table 635 Mm Lowest Height For Heavy Duty Shop

PT-12-20 PT-18-20 PT-12-40 PT-18-40 .Use & applicable range It is a convertible vehicle using for lifting and transporting in workshop, workshop, warehouse and wharf, etc. II. Basic Data - - - - Model | P12-20 | P18-20 | P12-40 | P18-40 | Rate Capacity | 2000lb/910kg | 4000lb/1820kg | Lowest Height(mm) | 635 | 790 | 635 | 790 | Max. Height(mm) | 940 | 1245 | 940 | 1245 | Table Dimensions(mm) | 610915 | 610915 | Packing Dimensions(mm) | 940640810 | 940640810 | Net Weight (kg) | 90 | 102 | 98 | 110 | - - - - . Install Put Handle P02 on table PO1, and then fix them by bolts 2xM10. . Using 1. Step foot pedal P30 to brake the lifting table before using. 2. Firstly, test the lifting table unloading. Step the foot pedal rod to lift the table to the max height till set oil valve discharge. 3. Load the table in its rate capacity, step the foot pedal to lift the table to the required height. 4. Please using the discharge foot pedal to lower down the table. V. Warning! Read and understand the owner's manual before assembly and operation. Do not load scissor lift beyond its rated capacity Do not allow people to sit or ride on scissor lift, Secure load before raising or moving scissor lift Do not transport loads in the raised position. Use only on smooth finished floors. Pull release lever slowly to allow load to descend in a controlled manner. Keep hands and feet clear of table when lowering load Failure to comply with the above warnings may result in personal injury and/or property damage. 1.Use the products of our company can greatly improve the efficiency of production and work . 2.Save the lifting and handing ,stacking the cost of the equipment 3.Can solve warehouse ,workshop,storehouse ,wharf and other kinds of places of material ,handing ,stacking,picking,ext Hand Hydraulic Post Lift Table Truck including plate type and curved base, the curved base can make the minimum size of workbench face more low, so more suitable for the needs of the user Mechanical Lift Table Truck: It can help form a complete set of equipment to use, such as a large punch press, hydraulic press, CNC lathe, CNC machining center equipment combined use, is the delivery processing parts, product and mold the first auxiliary equipment, he can maintain a permanent height, is widely used in machinery industry. 4.fixed electric hydraulic life platform products,not only have all freight elevator function ,but also has hoisting height,mesa specification size,according to the different need of each customer to customization

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