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China (Mainland)
Since 2017-06
Anhui Hongsen Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd
Address:Building No.14, Suchu Modern Industrial Park, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province 239000, China
Contact Person:Coco Yao

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Non Standard Automatic Production Line / Food Indusry Bottles Encasing Line Gripper Type

Non-standard Automation - Bottles Encasing Line In the past decades, Hongsen Intelligent has served a large number of non-standard automation projects including automatic grinding wheel sorting and packing line, automatic electronic assembly line, automatic packing and palletizing line, automatic bottles encasing line, etc. The feedback from the market is very optimistic about the machines and after sale service. The working principle of bottles encasing line: Grasping the packing machine from the grasping charge, deflated to achieve grasping, put the bottle, through the mechanical operation, pneumatic and electrical control of the bottle accurately and reliably from the bottle table into the box. The entire boxing process through the double four-bar linkage mechanism to enhance the bottle, move, landing, and with pneumatic, electrical control to achieve a combination of automation, action coordination, movement is smooth and accurate. In order to save non-working hours, in the no-load return when the fast to improve production efficiency. The use of oil-free pneumatic components, low noise, no oil pollution. Design features: 1. A mechanical, pneumatic, electronic control of the integration of advanced equipment. Can be packaged plastic flat bottles, round bottles, shaped bottles, all kinds of glass bottles and so on; 2. All electrical components are selected internationally renowned brands, machine performance is stable and reliable; 3. Using frequency control and PLC control technology, combined with man-machine interface, easy to operate, high degree of automation; 4. Packing speed, suitable for large quantities, high-speed assembly line automatic packaging operations; 5. Multiple security devices, the maximum protection of equipment and personnel safety. Technical Data: - - - - Encasing mode | Gripper type | Speed | 6-15 bottles/min | Power/voltage | 220/380V AC, 50-60Hz | Air source | 0.5~0.7MPa, Consumption: 1m3/min | Structure material | stainless steel | - - - - Application: Round, square, oval, proprietary bottle, PET bottles, glass bottles such as beer bottles and white wine bottles in food industry, beverage industry and so on. Other customized automation lines as per your requirements will be evaluated by our experienced professional technical team.

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Company Name: Anhui Hongsen Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd
Company Address: Building No.14, Suchu Modern Industrial Park, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province 239000, China
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip/Postal Code: 239000
Phone Number: 86-181-05502825
Fax Number: 86-550-3959556
Homepage: http://www.automaticbagpackingmachine.com/
Contact Person (Department): Coco Yao