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China (Mainland)
Since 2017-07
BioTeke Corporation
Address:NO.22,Beiqing Rd,?Haidian?District, Beijing?100094,China
Contact Person:YeYe

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High Tech Visible Light Gel Transmissometer , Visible Light Gel Fluoroscopy System

Visible light gel fluoroscopy Characteristics: Visible light motivation can avoid mutagenesis and damage that usually motivated by UV light. Offer safety operation condition that UV light can't Easily to cut the gel,free of dark box Digital camera imaging with high precision High sensibilit: 8-20 times higher than EB dye Bioteke Visible light gel transmissonmeter, as model EP2018, is designed for observation, processing, analysis,imaging of samples of nucleic acids and protein electrophoresis gel. Achieve gel analysis by using visible light plus special imaging lens. It could offer 10-25 times higher sensibility than UV gel transmissonmeter with EB dye, combining with New-gen nucleic acid dye, or other cyanine fluorescent dyes, could detect dsDNA up to dozens of pg

Contact Details

Company Name: BioTeke Corporation
Company Address: NO.22,Beiqing Rd,?Haidian?District, Beijing?100094,China
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip/Postal Code: 100000
Phone Number: 86-10-62951781
Fax Number: 86-010-62951781
Homepage: http://www.nucleicacidextractionsystem.com/
Contact Person (Department): YeYe