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China (Mainland)
Since 2017-07
Dongguan Hejump Optoelectronic technology Co.,LTD
Address:No.6 Hengxi,Jin YinLing Industrial,Hengkeng,LiaoBu Town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China
Contact Person:Tsang

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Outdoor / Indoor Mosquito Killing Light Alternating Current Or Solar Energy Power

Outdoor / Indoor Mosquito Killing Light Alternating Current Or Solar Energy Power - - - - HJ-MK-DC-05 | Input voltage | 12VDC | power | LED 3.5W | Trapping mode | Airflow | Power supply | AC | MOQ | 1000pcs | Trapping area | 30 square meter | Application | Outdoor | Material | ABS+ Steel | Size | 160*160*260mm | Net weight | 0.7kg | Gross weight | About 1.03kg | - - - - Remark 7800mA:When it is full charged,lighting and repellent works for20hrs,killing works for 130hrs. 220mA:When it is full charged,lighting and repellent works for 5hrs,killing works for 20hrs. DC - 05 belongs to high-end products.Fashion is popular the unique shape.Powerful against mosquitoes get the favour of the masses of users, he has three functions, the first is the function of mosquito mosquito lure (purple), the second is the drive midge function (red), the third is the function of lighting (white light).While it kill mosquitoes way is the wind.In addition DC - 05 support solar charging and wire charge function, also for charging the mobile devices, very practical.In addition to charging convenient DC - 05 body very mini, traveling for pleasure can be convenient to carry, is designed to human happiness.Finally this product also give more USB charging line plug type. Features Solar battery charging USB car charger USB mobile phone emergency charger 5 VDC power adapter Built-in 2200/7800 mA lithium battery Long standby time Features: 1. Mosquito killer:With the biological mosquito lure technology and physics killer device,the LED UV lure chip emit 360-400nm wavelenth to lure the mosquito,the mosquitoes will be sucked into the the storage drawer by high speed revolving fan and dehydrate to die.The whole killer process is safe and no pollution,good dream. 2. Mosquito Repellent:The light source is yellow visible light,filtering the UV and infrared ray,mosquitoes hate this special light very much.No pollution nonradiative,harmless to people. 3.Lighting:The light wave is soft and no dazzling,can be used as emergency auxiliary lighting. 4.USB charging:solar energy accumulation,dont need to bothering with the charging problem in outdoor. USB output, safe and stable electricity,can be used as a charger for your mobile and tablet PC. Charging mode 1, Solar energy charging 2, AC adaptor charger 3, Car charger Using 1, Please turn the button to the different mode to choose the function. 2, If you want to take it outdoors,please charge it with the AC power,when it is charging,the indicate light will be red and it will turn to green when it is full charged. 3, Outdoor solar charging:Put the light in the area where exposed to direct sunlight,solar energy will be changed to electric and charge the built-in battery. 4, When you need to charge your digital products or mobile,please read the manual and check if the specifications are suitable for your digital products. application Garden villas,Hotels, schools,farm, Municpal public green space,resorts,park,agricultural,etc...

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Company Name: Dongguan Hejump Optoelectronic technology Co.,LTD
Company Address: No.6 Hengxi,Jin YinLing Industrial,Hengkeng,LiaoBu Town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip/Postal Code: 511700
Phone Number: 86-769-82227566
Fax Number: 86-769-82875699
Homepage: http://www.ledcorn-lights.com/
Contact Person (Department): Tsang