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China (Mainland)
Since 2017-01
Hebei Chenfei Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd
Contact Person:Annie

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PCB Circuit Board

Layer count
1-36 layers
Min line width/space
Mim Mechanical drilling hole size
Board thickness≤1.2mm  0.15mm
Board thickness≤2.5mm  0.2mm
Board thickness>1.2mm  Aspect ratio≤15:1
Finished board thickness
Max: 10mm
Min: 2 layers-0.2mm; 4 layers-0.35mm; 6 layers-0.55mm;
8layers-0.7mm, 10layers-0.9mm
Finished copper thiciness
Inner layer/outer layer:6oz/10oz
Max panel size
Impedeance Tolerance
Min Dielectric thickness
Type of dielectric meterial
FR4,high TG,Flex,rigid,rigid-flex, Halogen Free material,Aluminum based material,Copper based material,High frequency material,PTFE material,heavy copperfoil,paperphenolic plate,BT,PI,Composite material,PTFE+ metal based
Major Material supplier
Metal based meterial:Bergquist,Laird,Totking,ITEQ,Arlon,
Soldermask colour
Surface treatment
HASL ,immsersion gold,immersion silver,OSP,gold finger
Special process
Multilayer PCB with blind or buried vias, impedance control
Quality control
AOI,100% electronic test

Contact Details

Company Name: Hebei Chenfei Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd
Company Address: Room?1702?Wangjiao?Plaza,Cross?of?Xinshi?North?Road?and?Shitong?Street
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip/Postal Code: 05000
Phone Number: 86-311-85833970
Fax Number:
Contact Person (Department): Annie