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Association Overview

Association Overview

+ Profile of the International Purchase Network
Founded by the Hong Kong International Purchase Association in 1998, at the initial stage, the International Purchase Network (www.buy-hk.org) is used as the official functional website of the Association to publish the global procurement information resources. So far, it has already gathered more than 1 million active buyers from more than 200 countries around the world, and has covered millions of international procurement information resources, becoming an indispensable and authoritative platform for the foreign trade in the world!

 + Functions of the International Purchase Network
Assist the global buyers to purchase in China!
Help Chinese suppliers open the global market quickly!

+ Position of the International Purchase Network
Always keeping the position as "the official base of the world's most authoritative and true international procurement resources", and becoming a smooth and solid bridge between the global buyers and suppliers in China are the responsibility and the developing direction of our website.

+ Analysis on Our Members
Types of our members: through years of operation and diffusion, the International Purchase Network has accumulated a large number of members in the world, including professional buyers, professional investment, business enterprises, production enterprises, trade enterprises, service enterprises, and etc. What's more, the growth rate of members also increases manifold. The industries of the members have almost covered all the industries involved in the international standard categories, such as clothing, textile & leather, electronic electrician, household appliances, chemical industry, metallurgy, mineral, energy, environmental protection, transportation, building materials and real estate industry, machinery and industrial products, household items, medical maintenance, gift handicraft, toys, sports leisure, culture and education office & light meter, packaging and paper, security protection, agriculture, food and beverage, automobile and motorcycle & fittings, printing, communication products, computer software, business services, and etc.

+ Sources of Our Effect
Possessing 32 functional branches in the world, Hong Kong International Purchase Association has also been concerned by more than 1 million active buyers around the world, which provides the authoritative, real and solid guarantee for the resources of the international Purchase Network!

The high network traffic of the international Purchase Network makes it easy to find the website by inputting trade related key words in the famous search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, etc), and the website is ranked preferentially for free.
International Purchase Network has established very close cooperation relations with many professional and famous global web portals, trade platforms, exhibition organizations, trade chamber of commerce, having great influence on macro propaganda.
Meanwhile, in order to get more buyers to visit the website, and bring as more as possible trade opportunities for suppliers, the advertising investment has been made regularly by the international Purchase Network, such as the banner advertisement with the main portal alliances, the special page on the exhibition catalogue, search engines, and etc. In the search engines, hundreds of trade key words are defined both in Chinese and English, and the mainly websites include: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, CNN, Overture, Infospace, Hotbot, Cnet, Excite, AltaVista, Iwon, NBCI, ZDNET, Netscape, and etc.